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What makes our coffee special

Our commitment to ethical sourcing, climate action and quality coffee goes above all else. With every bean we roast, we have considered the fair wage behind the person who picked it, the environmental impact of the bag it goes in and all of those who choose to drink our coffee.

Our products are sourced using the highest standards. We use Canadian companies manufacturing in Canada. Our coffee is sourced using Canadian Importers who travel to farms around the world. Sustainability and high labour standards are the core of our values. Thank you to all the Canadian companies before us leading the way and sharing our values.

  • "I always use to add cream and sugar to my coffee but with your coffee I only drink it black! It's very smooth and flavourful..."

    - Casey

  • "Monica and I tried the Morning Glory and it is fantastic! We are so excited to try all of your coffee!"

    - Jason and Monica

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