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Crossroads - Brazil/Rwanda- Dark

Crossroads - Brazil/Rwanda- Dark

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Perfect for coffee lovers who prefer things on the darker side. A perfect coffee for milk based, and milk alternative drinks.


Daterra Farms



Process: Natural and Pulped Natural
Harvest date: October 2022
Drying temperature: 22°C Max. - 8°C Min.  
Altitude: 1150 masl
Region: Cerrado, Brazil


Daterra is one of the most sophisticated coffee operations. Daterra is located near the city of Patrocinio, in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This is the classic and famed Cerrado region of Brazil, where the fertile land is flat and ideal for coffee growing.

Daterra's beautiful, coffee-producing systems have turned the farm into an intensive network of lots, which are all monitored individually. Many have automated irrigation systems to ensure ideal nutrients and water make it to the plants themselves. 

When it comes time to harvest, Daterra will send members of the team to different lots to evaluate the cherry. They will also harvest small batches to strategize on when to harvest each individual varietal and ensure peak timing. The quality team will then make decisions on how to utilize each of these coffees and where on the menu they will be used.


Each menu tier has a wide array of coffee sub-brands represented within. Each of these sub-brands holds a flavor profile the quality team works tirelessly each year to consistently match and replicate, using combinations of coffee processes and varietals on the farm that work to that build. Think about it like a blend on a roaster's menu, putting components together to make something that's greater than the sum of its parts.

Daterra is a famed farm that was first purchased in 1976 and, today is an icon in the coffee-producing world. Leading by example, Daterra is the only B Corp certified coffee farm, has more certifications than we have space to list, and is steadily working towards being a climate-positive coffee farm.

Bravo is a classic Brazil profile with cocoa, walnuts, shortbread, sweet pine nuts and a pleasant fresh cedar complexity.



Nyabihu District, Rwanda


Variety: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Harvest date: May - June 2022
Fermentation: After being pulped, the coffee is left to ferment for 6 - 10 hours before being laid to dry

Drying time: 25 - 35 days dried on raised beds
Drying temperature: 28°C Max. - 15 °C Min.  
Altitude: 1650 - 2000masl

Region: Nyabihu District, Rwanda
Rainfall:  1850 mm/year
Humidity: 70%


Vunga is a cooperative that has partnered with Muraho Trading Co to assist with finance and education. The team at Vunga is led by women and has 260 active members who contribute. The operation is not of huge scale, but the quality is remarkable, and has been recognized a handful of times with a placement as high as 4th in Cup of Excellence Rwanda. 

All the coffee produced at Vunga is being washed. After being pulped in a Penagos depulper, the coffee is fermented for an average of 6 hours before being laid to dry for 25-35 days on raised beds. When we were there, the parchment was clean, the beds were being raked, shifted and sorted, and the team behind Vunga is always very excited for our visits and to meet foreign buyers.

We believe this cooperative has the potential to achieve amazing cup quality and demonstrate the operations of a sustainable cooperative model in the coffee industry. Daphrose, the station manager, is a very highly regarded and strong willed woman, who asked for feedback on her execution stages at the cooperative. This alone is a sign that great things are to come for the members of Vunga and the coffees they're producing. 

Sitting close to the borders of Uganda and Congo in Northern Rwanda. The terrain surrounding Vunga is rolling hills, banana trees and a cool climate influenced by the Gicice River keeps the maturation of coffee in the area happening slowly, leading to sweet and dense cherries when ripe.




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