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Daterra Low Caf Reserve - Honey Anaerobic - Brazil - Light/Medium

Daterra Low Caf Reserve - Honey Anaerobic - Brazil - Light/Medium

Red Berries, Red Apple, White Grapes, Black Cherry

Daterra Farm

Cerrado, Brazil

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Each Bag Contains 250 grams of Whole Coffee Beans

Daterra Farm

Low Caf Reserve

Cerrado, Brazil


Variety: Aramosa
Process: Honey Anaerobic
Altitude: 1150 masl
Region: Cerrado, Brazil


Low Caf Reserve is a lot made exclusively from low-caffeine varietals, Aramosa and Laurina. These two cultivars have been under study in Daterra for over 20 years and have now fully adapted to their land, creating not only naturally low-caf coffees, but also delicious ones. These varietals contain between 25-40% the caffeine of regular arabica varietals.

Daterra is a famed farm that was first purchased in 1976 and, today is an icon in the coffee-producing world. Leading by example, Daterra is the only B Corp certified coffee farm, has more certifications than we have space to list, and is steadily working toward being a climate-positive coffee farm.

Craft 42 is pleased to have purchased coffees that score 86-89, fully traceable and single origins. From small to mid-size farm.






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